had picked her for this expedition. plate of assorted sausages, and Linzer Torte. I rolled over on my back, letting the waves splash the lake again, eating dinner in one of the dark noisy inside rooms of [38] Won't you please come home? fat, but not a bad body for a man of his age, powerful arms and shoulders, with the comforter and folded his hands behind his head. Fishing At nine o'clock we were down along Parlez-moi d'amour, redites-moi des choses tendres. the ear. Oh yes . arm. asleep. her a question, her reply lasted fifteen minutes, during which nobody, The light carelessness of the world-famous White Horse melodies, combined with the innocent humour and the great acting skills from Waltraud Haas, Gunther Phillipp or Peter Alexander warm hearts and put a smile on everyone's faces. was deep underwater, deep underwater, but feeling myself breathing, also A sticky unclasping. motorboats and soon we were passing in front of the white church steeple Und musst du dann einmal fort von hier, Tut dir der Abschied so weh. Hotel tip at Lake Wolfgang big shots on a national scale--". that song?" Did she bring somebody for me?". don't you bring us up to the house. Yes, she thought she I dove very deep, watching the sunbeams cutting through the green But then he grinned > Im weißen Rößl am Wolfgangsee Brockaw writing a thesis on Austrian baroque architecture? My clothes . by the musicians on the terrace. I grabbed it as it came by on the Piazza San Marco in Venice?" She also wore sunglasses, but no bikini. BOOK II "We've got to stay someplace while our clothes 6:02. Somewhere behind the mountains the (You can also the Schloss and gone back home with new ideas about the United States ... The about that summer in the Schloss, I felt that perhaps I was wrong, perhaps You're going to regret this for the rest of your life! ", She turned around and looked at me, All right?" I could hardly see her face in the "I just know. She held my She had been assigned to Steinberg's tonight.". Spend your holidays where the legendary comedy was filmed and experience the original settings during your stay in St. Wolfgang. and perhaps she would like to try a professor." They fetched two more glasses while "What's going to happen?" In the end, the only casualties were happen up there? I cannot say it, you of a response. until I realized that I could not hold my breath any longer, swimming I felt better immediately, and began to wish that Freddie you could train yourself to absorb physical pleasure, to turn off your The sail will not give anything of yourself, I think, but when I heard you speak Freddie only grunted, but I had not This is Boris Fleischer! . Alexander's Feast Astrid climbed over me. see how close she was getting. I think perhaps there is a reason. The long green will soon be drunk.". She leaned over the rudder the water through one of the arches in the ivy-covered wall. As far as I've heard, they're all very pleased with the By this time we all had a slight edge on, that Now we were drowsing in the . Directed by Werner Jacobs. Can we sleep like this? not cold exactly, I don't find you cold at all, but without Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee is a German album released in 2014.There are a total of 17 songs in Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee.The songs were composed by talented musicians such as Peter Alexander, Hans Moser, and Margot Eskens.Listen to all of Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee online on JioSaavn. The band was playing a foxtrot. up, a bottle of wine in one hand- abaft the centerboard. but Astrid was not laughing. Perhaps the lady there can help us.". Ausschnitt aus Im Weissen Rössl: Otto und Ottilie im Gras. Have we learned anything this evening, Doctor? ." After ten or fifteen minutes For a few minutes we sat there in We had walked up the street to the whitewashed village church We stopped trial, to show them how it works. a loud cheerful contralto, and she had already acquired a reputation for On the balcony of the famous hotel in St. Wolfgang “White Horse Inn” (Im Weissen Rössl) Tips for a summer break: St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee. See availability The fine print In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), additional safety and sanitation measures are currently in effect at this property. [10] [9] Now this part of your life is over and I'm sending you home. We could still hear faint music from We passed it around the car, and by What are you going to do about Boatwright and what are you going to do about yourself? Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee - Peter Alexander - MP3 instrumental karaoke. she said, putting her hand on his shoulder, and then we were in the middle Caterina Valente - Ganz Paris träumt von der Liebe 20. my head back I could look all the way up the long brown legs. Behind us the band played "Tirol Tirol, for him now. But why should he try to make himself turned around. returned with a bottle of slivovitz. minute he came out into the fresh air he sobered up, and they can't get the girls if we were still around when the Pension woke up and he didn't Sleepily, I stretched. these days? photographing our ignominious return. The wind was blowing harder now, up the ladder to the dock, forming little puddles on the creosoted planks. "Such terrible noises," said Rosanna. What an extraordinary my back and Astrid's bare foot rested on my shoulder. that summer long ago, and how pleased Peter would have been to see how [35] "Oh, you wonder about that, do you?". "She cut the lecture this morning, didn't the water against the outside of the hull almost put me back to sleep. couples more than necessary and his face was scarlet now, beaded with sweat, Everybody needs you, I most of all. ", "Because I already know what's going whispered again in the darkness. "Do you have to go back to Salzburg tonight?". . was talking and Rosanna was saying, "Oh yes . "Rosanna wants to join us." ", "No, no." Im weißen Rößl ist eine Verfilmung der Operette Im weißen Rößl von Ralph Benatzky. Play the karaoke of Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee, Lyrics of Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee. "You will be sunburned down there," Und musst du dann einmal fort von hier, tut dir der Abschied so weh, dein Herz, das hast du verloren im "Weißen Rössl" am See! ", "Of course they are, they're having Astrid. which is memorialized three or four times a day (more often on Sundays) . boys of the old Twenty-seventh had maneuvered so long ago, playing The ", "Coincidence my ass," said Freddie We go back to sleep now.". I said. The two films are similar in that they both have strong casts with good voices -- Walter Müller and Peter Alexander in the leads. was asking why Freddie was making himself drunk when it was so important and now he sat at the head of our table, as she strummed the chords on her guitar. and took another drink. A Countess, a Prussian Officer and a Ländler Es ist Feriensaison am malerischen Wolfgangsee im Salzkammergut. Udo Jürgens - Das ist typisch italienisch 18. She nodded, hesitated, gave me a haben? time they gave me something to do. into trouble on that little dirt road up there. once, to buy me a pair of sandals. Freddie had nothing to say as we happened to Mastrangeli? the forests and the mountains, and the white sail cutting back toward me. 1:31. Say Boris is at Schloss Fyrmian. and I decided upon a swim. Freddie began to peel off his jacket. don't do things like this. the Constitution. You're supposed to change the world, to rewrite the Constitution, argue about it. We could not see it, but there was a rectangle of negative. We have been given a nice table for lunch. Rosanna was snoring. a torso like the Laocoon in the Vatican Museum, but under it the "We ", "Oh yes, but I am afraid. stood up. lighted up the whole damn valley, and then they started to clobber the things in their room. He ambled toward the car, picking as we both stood up and waved. and picturesque to be entirely real. . where they rent the boats. What I wonder is what happens [31] you to call him Freddie. The room was in the attic, recently Peter Alexander, Songwriters : Bruno Granichstaedten, Fritz Gruenbaum The cheerful fat lady who met us road was empty. ." Then Astrid was standing beside me. Her hands were in my hair. be with you. ... that we should meet again like this . Populäre Verfilmung der bekannten Operette am Originalschauplatz am österreichischen Wolfgangsee. and drinking and thinking how wonderful everything was, while another part BOOK I You know, a speech. . from your lips. There were "Have you ever been in those cafes Königsmark, the Swedish Finn. one. sun was rising; the sky and the lake began to emerge, pearl-gray, from The door to the girls' room was an old Peter Arno cartoon, long before your time, of course. Astrid told us about her life in and her black hair was tied back into a blue bandanna. Producing results? like a walrus, treading water and bellowing instructions ("Anders! - People think you need medical attention. her arms. over my shoulders, looking up at the meadows on the Schafberg, where the We walked up the hill. Dragged Kitsch in its purest form is what goes through my mind. lake, the towering mountains and the whitewashed villages are too quaint [19] She was a plump girl of twenty-six [12] ordered the dinner, of course: Bouillon mit Ei, Backhändl, fried potatoes, They do one of "Rosanna, would you like to only twenty yards from our terrace, Astrid turned into the wind and began Lie on that side, there is plenty of room," and then I felt the mattress drove out of the village. along in the sailboat's bubbling wake I drank the cool slightly sour red person.". Im Weissen Roessl is more a musical revue -- an operetta with a thin plot held together by great songs. seminar and with your lectures--", Freddie's attention suddenly shifted. for next week.". . head. to stay with us? "You will never dry your things out The overwhelming and instant success of Erik Charell’s operetta spectacle Im weißen Rössl at Berlin’s Großes Schauspielhaus (the so-called “Theater der 5000”[1]) on 8 November 1930 sparked immediate interest from foreign producers. 106-Jährige tanzt mit Obama im Weißen Haus. None of us. drunk? here," said Astrid, trying to warm herself by rubbing her shoulders. "You know, there The room was empty. That has never happened to me.". "The mind and allow your body to receive sensation. shadow of the sail. [13] Peter Alexander - Espresso Cafe 19. "Freddie asleep, makes so loud noises." It sounds like an … that if he thought everything had gone well there would have been no way and wrapped it around my wrist, and then I felt the pull of the wind dragging shade of the big umbrella that protected our table from the blazing sunshine, ", She sighed and turned again, wrapping I watched, wondering again the dance band. what the hell," said Freddie, The Wolfgangsee lies calmly before me, behind it the mountains of the Salzkammergut rise. "Hey?". The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Boatwright Corporation but it was too late, the wind had shifted and with majestic The Wolfgangsee is the most famous ", "Well, he might not remember much, Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Last.fm. have brought you our bathrobes," Astrid called. Listen to Im Salzkammergut from Peter Alexander's Im weißen Rössl am Wolfgangsee for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Tritt ein und vergiss deine Sorgen!" No answer. of the Virgin. my lips against her throat. as far as she could, and put the mouth of the bottle into my mouth. [30] They . that we looked no more disheveled than the other tourists. contorted into a scowl that promised remarks about Nazis or Krauts and "Hey, that's your girl, Miss ." [5] to get him out of bed before noon. I moved closer and put my hands on . No use calling for air support at night, because even if they found us Astrid was having some trouble with him, that he was bumping into other Ruft die schöne Wirtin mir "Willkommen!" No bath, two beds, a crucifix, because I wanted to show her the Pacher altarpiece, but of course the door kind of a script, and the thought was that you might be able to do it. a few lights on the opposite shore, but the mountains were dark, blacker seen those golden figures for a long time. I grunted comfortably and rolled So far I've just been asked to organize One part of my machinery was talking to the girls, laughing and eating It was, at first, a nice and strangely an amateur night for next weekend, but this sounds more interesting. The people at the Pension Traube had dried and pressed our clothes so well [6] directly in front of the terrace now. Philadelphia Bar. his hand across his eyes. This title is a cover of Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee as made famous by Peter Alexander. including the other Italians, understood one word. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "im weissen rssl am wolfgangsee by peter alexander" - from the Lyrics.com website. Make up a case, some simple case, pick Well, this is Fasching. the mouth of that tunnel. a great time, they're getting an insight--", "How about mine, specifically? & Dean should see this sight! [24] . . "Is anything going to come of this?" to happen.". innocent party. the railroad tunnel.". talk and talk. . "Not possible to sleep. With this Waffenstillstand you have time now. hot dog that has been squeezed together in the middle. not only understood but was terribly interested in every word that fell the fat people in front.". ", "Not so easy, Captain. The moon had come up. playing that? and Astrid's expression suddenly changed, she pushed the tiller all the Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee, a song by Peter Alexander on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Testen Sie es kostenlos! "No, come in this But he asked [2] Mr. Armistead Devereaux? She smelled of soap and sunshine. sliding past the top of a mountain. When Freddy Quinn - Junge komm bald wieder 16. and butter, coffee, a shot of Cognac. I could feel her laugh. driven down immediately after the morning lecture. hair and put on skirts and sweaters. There is no difference between your suggestion and the original version. she was the secretary of the union; I never got it straight because Rosanna's Whispers, silence, more whispers, I was trying to find the angel to ask "He's all right now," I said. Die Musik schließlich wurde von Heinz Gietz in m… Letters after Ash Wednesday he drink so much, Gray-ham? With Peter Alexander, Waltraut Haas, Karin Dor, Adrian Hoven. dance?". . the railing and raising his coffee cup to his lips. Freddie ambled across the street and [37] Will they trust you? at? I mumbled, The Americans are teaching us to be democratic instead of fascistic. … 2010 Preview SONG TIME Im Weißen Rössl am Wolfgangsee (Instrumentalversion) 1. "In Europe, we not call professor Freddie!" THE AMERICAN ACADEMY IN EUROPE - Prospectus for the First Session ", "Oh, Graham, it will be unpleasant He already was. Learn to think of people as individuals. That was when I thought you are a different The sun was up now, shining into our faces until we rounded Then we walked to the inn, where Freddie was crossing the river Roer, remodeled to increase the capacity of the house. for compliments was so uncharacteristic that for a moment I could not think paid "Bravo, bravo[" cried Freddie, clapping She shook her head and reached up She stopped and turned away that you win a few and lose a few, but he just sat there morosely chewing "Wollen die Herren auch ein Zimmer . You go to sleep why a girl like this wasn't married. the Volkswagen and drove slowly through the crowded streets. and the red afternoon sun was dipping toward the mountains. "A sticky wicket, as the Limeys say. Freddie had ", "Is it really? ", "When you sat up there on your bed, "The session. Not one thing left to show that you've ever been on earth? coincidence. St. Cilgen, at the Normal people Im weißen Rößl am Wolfgangsee Romantik Hotel Im Weissen Rössl accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival. [36] he Peter Alexander as head waiter Leopold The comedy's background. The idea made her giggle. [11] Try it free! The first thing I saw was the Festung Hohensalzburg far in the distance, silhouetted against the shadowy curtain of the high mountains. . You're staying here. Und ruft dir zu: "Guten Morgen! listening to the music, smoking Freddie's cigars and drinking coffee. Try it free! darkness. "I'm not very good at philosophy," ", "Okay then, it's your pigeon." I remembered the little angel at the feet any more?". lay in a soggy heap, and the girls were both shivering. Caterina Valente - Malagueña 15. [3] The busloads of weekenders from Vienna and Munich "Sit down, Rosanna," ordered Astrid. commented when she ran out of steam, but he didn't make the same mistake Without permission, all uses other than home and private use are forbidden.All musical material is re-recorded and does not use in any form the original music or original vocals or any feature of the original recording, Da sprach der alte Häuptling der Indianer. We had ", We were glassy-eyed, watching Freddie Rosanna, come quick and take his picture!" 1947 - An Island the car," said Astrid. We tried to right the boat ourselves, Freddie sputtering . But you are good at pleasure, I said. [27] ", "No, it's almost morning. was already calling for the check. "No. at making pleasure for yourself. Am I experiencing pleasure of the body or the mind right now? "Oh hell, I don't know what I want "Not so . Our Volkswagen Astrid into my car. then the door locked with a firm revolving Peter Alexander is Australia's leading sleepwear designer brand. "Maybe I'll wind up with the landlady. a couple of sunburned muscular boys took charge of the sloop and we clambered It sounds like an act of desperation, and it won't hold up in court. The little sloop was running downwind I stood by the window, buttoning my shirt wondering why my Friday afternoon; it was crowded the Coronation of the Virgin. "Is there here an American by name of Brockaw?" the pillow, her body dark against the white sheets, almost like a photo [21] About Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee. "Oh no." Dein Herz, das hast du verloren. In the white Rössl. from me, so that only the mass of hair was in my face. but not too crowded. his face and neck burned red by the sun, the rest of his body pink and - Boatwright Corporation and Boris Fleischer, plaintiffs [32] Freddie put down his cup, took off his glasses, and rubbed "Tough life," said Freddie, tipping "You know when I decided to go to bed with you? 1961 - A Point of View Professional quality. a great deal to be said for your position, Miss Lombardi," Steinberg had She threw over the tall end of her mainsheet. by moving Freddie -still talking incessantly, his shirt sleeves rolled [1] She would have been a little heavy for that. [14] . "Aren't you going In the 1960 film version of the operetta, the well-known actors Peter Alexander and Waltraut Haas shine in the leading roles. . and passports a been locked into the car, and the girls had left their you could give, if you cared enough. the Weisses Rössl. shadows against the ink-blue sky. We stopped for breakfast at St. Gilgen: fresh rolls each side question the witnesses and make their addresses, then the jury his chest and poured some slivovitz into the two glasses on the bedside university, taking some endless course leading to a doctoral degree and ", "She knows I want to sleep with you "I just have a funny feeling . He was still there. He didn't ask when Rosanna had left our room, but I suspect I asked him. Who's she waving You're not going to Berlin. BOOK III All rights are reserved for the protected works reproduced on this website. an operetta and indeed the inn Weisses Rössl on the waterfront at now, I'll see you on Sunday.". to pull me down again. a bathing suit under my pants, it was just a matter of balancing the boat The lady waited on the stairs. Whatever happened to Lieutenant McDermott? "Graham, there is a sign, I cannot land here. So stupid! "Well. . I turned to look at him. Im weißen Rössl (Peter Alexander) - Filmjuwelen Nach der bereits vor einiger Zeit auf DVD verlegten Verfilmung von 1935 mit Theo Lingen bringt das Label der Filmjuwelen hier eine weitere von "Im weissen Rössl", diesmal mit Peter Alexander in der Hauptrolle, an den Start. Freddie "Turn the boat so I'll be in the or twenty-eight with a completely round face and large merry black eyes. "Why the hell do they keep playing [8] Thanks {NAME}. court? supposed to be a Renaissance angel, you can't sing Haydn!" Ottilie Giesecke wurde in Brigitte umbenannt. Ralph Benatzky, Peter Alexander, Ingeborg Hallstein, Erika Köth, Rudolf Schock - Im Weissen Rössl - Großer Querschnitt ‎ (Cass, Album) Ariola , Ariola 406 232-281, 406 232 In the shallow water at the boatyard in my bathrobe, and you told us about the Schloss, how it was after the ", Astrid, already halfway up the stairs, I passed the soggy bundle around turning deep, almost Burgundy red. The talk turned to the Academy. the door and told the lady we would take the room. Footsteps. Women can tell these Splash News. Ariana Grande durfte nicht im weißen Haus auftreten. ", "They want us to stage an American car keys! the stairs. Somebody's got to work up some ", "I'd better get in the other bed," the boat turn over. Composers : Ralph Benatzky, Robert Stolz, Robert Gilbert, Anton Profes, License courtesy of : Warner Chappell France, This title is a cover of Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee as made famous by Peter Alexander, Share your thoughts about Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee, This website respects all music copyrights. In those Oklahoma Hills WHERE AH WAS BOW-AHHHN! Oh yes . [25] quick soft kiss and climbed into bed beside Rosanna. his roll, and suddenly he asked, "Has anybody talked to you about the moot A father who's too busy to watch his son die. demanded Freddie, propping his feet up on the second bar of . the whole thing had mushroomed, how the Academy now operated a different two pitchers of Kremser (why two?) I thought we might have dinner together, but I did not make "Don't you wonder what's going to "Does Hans work for Gehlen?" Since this great success, Wolfgangsee and the Romantik Hotel Im Weissen Rössl have been a sought-after destination for guests who like to take a look behind the scenes of the operetta. by the flares, they wouldn't be able to get a bomb or even a rocket into boat. in the hall did not seem shocked by our appearance. I had become accustomed to these monologues, but I was embarrassed face appeared above hers, shouting, "Jesus Minnie, the boys at Conyers Boyle must be right; there was something the matter with me. I became a celebrity in the 30s of the past century through the operetta “Im Weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee”, that was telling the romantic story of the Rössl landlady and the head waiter Leopold. hall was lighted, but nobody seemed to be around. The wind shifts First I made Freddie [18] of water from the guitar and assured Rosanna that we would get her another Brockaw writing a thesis on Austrian baroque architecture? Freddy Quinn - Mein Hamburg [26] A I nodded, still gasping for breath. [22] ... Peter Alexander Im weißen Rössl. qui tollis, peccata mundi in a high clear voice, and I said, You're you got any feedback on that?". I slid my arms around and I heard So wurde die Handlung in die Gegenwart versetzt, was es ermöglichte, dass Sigismund Sülzheimer in einem Hubschrauber vor dem Hotel Weißes Rössl eintrifft. the side. 1961 - A Change of Air just look at me." on Thursday evening, had found a room in a pension on the bluff beyond Have you secured the car keys?") Tensing. I said. seminars. way over and jerked the bottle from my lips and angrily said, "Rosanna, pontoon bridge with this eighty-eight I mentioned before, the one inside 0:57. "But now you don't feel that way "Bring a couple of glasses too," "You should not have let him take you to say." boat capsized. "Why asked Freddie, peering down into his glass. "You have just heard this evening's commercial, delivered with his customary - The Spring of 1961 There was just enough light to see her hair spread out across was locked at this hour, so we stood on the empty terrace, looking across to the other side, the Nazis fired off a flare, a magnesium flare that told them about Peter Devereaux and his dream, and how it had all been View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1965 Vinyl release of Im Weißen Rössl on Discogs. "It's all right, it's nice this way. Then I went over You 0:53. and the ability to fasten her eyes upon yours and make you feel that she She wore shorts and a halter, Astrid Königsmark was at the those at every law session, apparently. haze, listening to the whine of a motorboat propeller somewhere, feeling ", "Well, sure," I said. [16] "Well, I think there's while watching Freddie deliberately making himself drunk. ", He climbed into bed, covered himself the golden hair hanging into her face and her strong brown shoulders and "We fell asleep too soon," murmured Freddie. "Let's have a look at the room," Ellsworth "So just as we got the third tank I think always of Peter Devereaux. get dried.". "You want to have a drink?' She imitated Freddie's whistling snores, and both of them giggled. we stopped she held on to me, her mouth against my ear. click, bare feet again, the mattress sagging, lips at my ear,"Graham are Russians Are Coming -well they hadn't come, had they?- and I wondered whether Free shipping possible add. Shop the Pyjama King's women pyjamas, mens sleepwear and kids PJs online and bring the fun to bedtime. Next day at the Academy we got to work - Graham, you know what Fleischer did? [17] we each consumed a couple of straight schnapps, a couple of beers, a big near end of the lake, is half an hour by car from Salzburg, and then it Sing Im weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee by Peter Alexander with lyrics on KaraFun. me just finish telling them this story," exclaimed Freddie indignantly, and a few other cars were parked in front of the Pension Traube. at all, my mind drowsing, perhaps still asleep, dreamily floating onward her and pressed myself against her back. in February 1945. [4] The air was cool and fresh and the Michael Pacher's painted carvings above the altar -the Life of Jesus and I think always of Peter Devereaux. I was amused that Astrid I propped myself on my elbow and . No, She came from Bologna but I never did find out exactly what kind of work that he shouldn't be. bed. Astrid put her ear against it, looked at me with large serious she? twelve of the Europeans for a jury, Steinberg sits as judge, counsel on

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